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We dream useful desings to reflect our innovative features in our all product groups and we turn our dreams into manufacture.Also,we lead other companies with our creative designs.

Modelling Electronic Environment Test

We model city furnitures,lighting systems and playgrounds in our company with professional staffs.Also,we make electronic tests and prepare our longlived,durable products to manufacture.

Chamber Manufacture And Technical Planning

We attain European standards quality in all stages of chamber manufacture and technical planning.In addition we provide wide range service.

Dimensioning And Manufacturing

We perform all of dimensioning and manufacturing applications with our professional staffs and machines.Thus,we get productive results from our R&D studies.

Joining And Grading

We provide a high level of quality with our modern machines and professional staffs in joining and grading applications.


We perform all stages of casting in our company for improving production quality and creating manufacturing confidence.

Plating And Paint

We consider the quality of products according to European standards in coating and painting applications. Also we produce longlived,durable and user friendly products.

Wood Processing

We produce longlived,useful and durable products.In addition,when we produce these user and eco-friendly wooden products in our company,we are raising the standards of quality while cost saving


For lighting systems that we produce,we are forming LED electrronic card systems with the experts in our company and our aim is to provide the integrity of quality in our products.